4(4) May 2011 issue
July 2011 issue
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July 2011 issue
Influence of biotic and abiotic elicitors on four major isomers of boswellic acid in callus culture of Boswellia serrata Roxb

Ravi Parshuram Ghorpade, Arvind Chopra, Tukaram Dayaram Nikam

Pages 169-176
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In vitro propagation studies and genetic fidelity assessment of endangered medicinal wild Yam- Dioscorea prazeri

Smitha S. Thankappan, Villoo Morawala-Patell

Pages 177-189
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Induction and proliferation of adventitious roots from Aloe vera leaf tissues for in vitro production of aloe-emodin

Yun Sun Lee, Tae-Jin Yang, Sang-Un Park, Jin Hong Baek, SongQuan Wu,
Ki-Byung Lim

Pages 190-194
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Research Note

Comparative evaluation of PCR success with universal primers of maturase K (matK) and ribulose-1, 5-bisphosphate carboxylase oxygenase large subunit (rbcL) for barcoding of some arid plants

Sameera O. Bafeel, Ibrahim A. Arif, Mohammad A. Bakir, Haseeb A. Khan, Ahmad H. Al Farhan, Ali A. Al Homaidan, Anis Ahamed, Jacob Thomas

Pages 195-198
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Research Note

In vitro
plant regeneration and micropropagation of Liriope platyphylla

Woo Tae Park, Yong Kyoung Kim, Young Seon Kim, Nam Il Park, Sook Young Lee, Sang Un Park

Pages 199-203
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In-silico screening of WRKY transcription factors as possible substrates of mitogen activated protein kinase 3 in Solanum lycopersicum

Tae Kyung Hyun and Ju-Sung Kim

Pages 204-208
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Plant Biology

Variation in antibacterial activity, thymol and carvacrol contents of wild populations of Thymus daenensis subsp. daenensis Celak.

A. Ghasemi Pirbalouti, M. Rahimmalek, F. Malekpoor and A. Karimi

Pages 209-214
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Research Note

Influence of sucrose on rutin content and flavonoid biosynthetic gene expression in seedlings of common buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum Moench)

Xiaohua Li, Nam Il Park, Chul Ho Park, Su Gwan Kim, Sook Young Lee, and Sang Un Park

Pages 215-219
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Genetic variation in common bean landraces efficiently revealed by Td-DAMD-PCR markers

Ayse Gul Ince, Mehmet Karaca

Pages 220-227
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Salt treatment can change composition of glycinin and -conglycinin proteins in soybean seed

Behzad Kaviani, Seyyedeh Tayyebeh Pourkhalili, Reza H. Sajedi and Bita Mosadegh

Pages 228-235
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